Introducing the new SmileME Mirror!

“Instantly turn your cosmetic enquiries into cosmetic treatments!
If you’re uncomfortable “selling” cosmetic dentistry then you need this tool now. I’ve been trialling the SmileMe software over the past year, and I am amazed how even patients uninterested in cosmetic dentistry suddenly take up treatment. Being able to create realistic before and after images in just minutes is a game changer. Whether you’re a seasoned cosmetic dentist or just starting to build your practice, this is one tool you need in your corner. SmileMe imaging software has revolutionised my business and I highly recommend it to anyone serious about cosmetic dentistry.”

Dr Biju Krishnan, BDS, Award winning Cosmetic Dentist and founder of CFast

Cosmetic dentistry has never been more in demand! While there is no doubt this means exciting opportunities for dentists, it has also resulted in an increasingly competitive landscape. Without the right approach and tools, growing a cosmetic dental practice has become nearly impossible.
We know that the key is in communication and positioning a dental clinic properly. The most successful clinics are the ones who know what they should communicate, and how they should communicate it. They are the ones who can make a patient feel comfortable and confident enough to proceed with the proposed treatment.
With the SmileMe Mirror, you can become more successful attracting more of the patients you want. In fact, it is the only concept tool that can guarantee you to do more cosmetic dentistry. Please read on to learn how SmileMe grows dental clinics.

Smile Analysis

Practices wanting to do more cosmetic treatments should understand the difference between “need” and “want” dentistry. In a more traditional workflow, it is perfectly fine to bring the patient directly from the waiting room into the chair, and immediately start diagnosing. Promoting cosmetic dentistry, however, requires a different approach.

In this case, the team should take the time to discuss with the patient what they like and don’t like about their smile. We call this conversation the Smile Analysis and by asking these 13 carefully-crafted questions, we learn more about the desires of our patient and position ourselves as experts in aesthetic dentistry.

Smile Sketch

Ensuring every single one of your patients is aware of the potential that cosmetic dentistry has, is only really possible if you show them. A picture says more than a thousand words and that’s why we have developed the easiest and quickest simulation tool on the planet. In under 2 minutes, a patient can see a before-&-after simulation and instantly realize the value of a new smile.
Offering these quick simulations is a fun and interactive way to have your patients consider cosmetic dentistry. On top of that, Smile Sketch is also used to facilitate communication between the clinic, the lab, and the patient: once a patient has committed to the treatment, this feature can be used to outline and design the case together with the patient.