‘My wedding photos have just come back and I’m so pleased with the way my teeth look’

24th July 2018 by cfast-login

An upcoming wedding is the perfect excuse for a makeover – for any bride and groom. As a major milestone event in many people’s lives, we all want to look our best and feel our most confident.

On average, it take 12 months of planning for the big day and our wedding outfits, the venue and choice of photographer all rate important considerations in the top 10 wedding plans of those planning to tie the knots.

But how many of us consider our smile?

Our wedding day should be one of the happiest of our lives, which means our smile will feature highly – particularly important in a world where everyone can spot a photo opportunity and most people have a smartphone to hand and a social media account or two on which to post their pics.

A radiant smile, sparkling eyes and a good mood will make a huge difference – to your enjoyment and how you look in your photos!

First tip then is to try to get in a good night’s rest or two before your wedding day – it’s not known as beauty sleep for nothing! A radiant smile, sparkling eyes and a good mood will make a huge difference – to your enjoyment and how you look in your photos!

But what if your smile is not quite up to scratch? Sometimes, a slight gap in our teeth or overcrowding can affect our confidence – and it may just be the six teeth that show when we smile that need a little cosmetic enhancement.

This was the case for Faye, a 27-year-old health visitor assistant from Hertfordshire, who, with a wedding in the calendar booked for June, recalls: ‘Every time I saw a photo of myself I just looked at my front tooth. Some angles it looked fine – but, in others, it stuck out.

Having had braces at the age of 14, like most teenagers she neglected to wear her retainer all the time and, as a result, her teeth moved.

In the run up to her wedding day, she was eager to achieve quick results with a cosmetic teeth-straightening system that had good reviews and used clear brackets to ensure discreet treatment.

Dr Shivani Thakhar, of Broxbourne Dental Care in Hertfordshire, recommended Cfast, because it uses tooth-coloured braces to gently and discreetly move teeth back into line to create a healthy, straight smile – sometimes in as little as four months.

Faye says: ‘I originally considered only having the top teeth done, as these are the teeth people see the most and I wasn’t conscious of the bottom. However, I knew I would regret not having them both done and, in fact, the bottom teeth actually took longer to move.’

With the expense of the wedding to pay for, she was keen to keep the cost of teeth-straightening treatment as low as possible, especially as she decided to move house during the lead up to her big day.

With cost and the impact on her lifestyle kept to a minimum – ‘ I changed my diet to avoid foods that would stain my braces and also cut out crisps and biscuits as I thought this may break the brackets’ – she was extra careful to look after her braces throughout treatment, which took eight months for the top teeth to align. Meanwhile, alignment for the bottom teeth is still ongoing.

She is delighted with results and says: ‘I would recommend Cfast to anyone, as the results are quick and my smile has been transformed. My wedding photos have just come back and I’m so pleased with the way my teeth look.’

Focusing on the ‘social six’ – the front teeth that most influence the smile – Cfast is a cosmetic teeth alignment procedure that uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires so it’s discreet, meaning you can get that winning smile you’ve always wanted for your wedding day and nobody need know you are having treatment.

Dr Shivani, who treated Faye says: ‘Faye came to me asking if there was a way I could straighten her teeth. She didn’t like the way her upper two front teeth crossed over (upper central incisors), and the lower front teeth were mildly misaligned. After a lengthy discussion regarding her expectations, Faye mentioned she was getting married in 11 months so I knew we had to get started with her treatment, and also that I wanted to achieve the most perfect smile in time for her big day!

She adds: ‘Cfast was the perfect system for her, primarily because it treats the front six teeth, which are usually the teeth of concern when patients aren’t happy with their smile.

‘As Cfast focuses on aligning the front six teeth, it is fast, and we had an objective to achieve our result by her wedding day. The braces are fixed, so Faye didn’t have to worry about wearing an appliance or having to take it out every time she wanted to eat. It is constantly applying tension, so allows us to achieve efficient results. The brace is tooth coloured, which means it is nice and discreet, even though braces on adults are becoming more and more the “norm” these days.’

The system is founded and supported by dentists who have keen interests in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry – ‘therefore, I really like the system and so do my patients,’ she adds.

Cfast is an ideal option for many patients who are looking to improve their smile. It forms part of a conservative treatment plan to enhance their smile – whether it leads to the final result of the teeth being in their ideal position, or means the teeth are moved to a more favourable position – after which composite bonding or veneers can be used to make minor adjustments.

To add the icing on the cake, Faye also had tooth-whitening treatment, which, says Dr Shivani, is a brilliant treatment that does wonders to a smile. Coupled with straightened teeth, she achieved a beautiful result.

Dr Shivani is now seeing an increasing number of adult patients seeking teeth straightening.

She comments: ‘More and more adults are taking the steps to straighten their teeth that, in turn, is making it more acceptable for adults to wear braces. For many, the results are life changing.’

Included in all treatment plans after straightening teeth with Cfast, her patients are provided with a fixed and removable retainer that is recommended is worn for life.

Broxbourne Dental Care has a 21-year long-standing and impressive reputation. With a focus on cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers, Dr Shivani likes to work closely with her patient to achieve their goals. She says: ‘I believe in having a conservative approach to all my treatment planning. With modern techniques and materials, this is now much more obtainable.’

She also offers facial aesthetic procedures, including anti-wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers.

(Photo credit – Hannah Blair Photography.)

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