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30th August 2018 by cfast-login

Confidence has a major role in any stage performance but actor Tom Whalley felt his teeth were a drawback when it came to achieving that ‘red carpet’ smile.

Having trod the boards for some years and with a passion for pantomime – both appearing in them and writing them – the 28-year-old actor and writer, originally from Newcastle upon Tyne but now living in London, felt his smile needed a makeover all of its own.

He says: ‘I was always self conscious about my teeth and, as an actor, how I look is vital – with a smile a huge factor in not only my appearance, but my confidence, too.’

So with a plan to rewrite the script on his smile, he booked a consultation with multiple award-winning celebrity dentist Dr Biju Krishnan, founder of Cfast, one of the world’s most popular adult cosmetic tooth alignment systems.

Dr Krishnan says: ‘Tom was mainly concerned about the spacing between his teeth. Sometimes, we can use Cfast to close the spacing but, in this case, Tom has naturally small teeth and closing the spacing here with Cfast would have been inappropriate.

‘So, we used the system to gently move the teeth into a better position prior to using composite bonding to close the spacing, which gave us a much nicer end result.’

Having always wanted to have cosmetic teeth straightening, it was only a matter of time for Tom.

He explains: ‘I couldn’t have them done when I had an initial consultation at the age 14 due to my studies. But I had a year of low confidence and knew my teeth were a factor. Cfast was presented to me as the best option and I wanted results fast.’

In fact, the treatment was so quick that the gaps between his teeth were closed in a matter of months and Tom achieved the smile of his dreams in time for his next acting role, with treatment starting in May this year and completing in July.

‘Since wearing braces, many people I’ve spoken to say they are mainly put off because they think it takes years and will look unsightly until completion. In fact, very few people noticed mine until I pointed them out!’

Cfast braces are difficult to detect because they use tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’ – or those teeth that show when we smile. And they impact very little on your day-to-day life, too.

Tom says they affected his speech ‘only very slightly’ and, when it came to food, he avoided certain staining foods throughout treatment as well as food he knew would become easily trapped in the brace.

So, would the actor recommend Cfast to anyone considering teeth straightening?

‘Absolutely go for it,’ he says. ‘Don’t wait any longer for the smile you want.
It’s never too late to get braces.’

Dr Krishnan is seeing an increasing number of male patients seeking teeth straightening. As he explains: ‘It’s the simplest, quickest, least invasive and most affordable cosmetic dental procedure and is also extremely safe. It’s really no wonder that it has become one of the most popular treatments that bring patients to us.

‘Many adults have had orthodontics in the past and have not used they’re retainer as required. As such, many patients will come to us wanting to have their teeth straightened again.’

He adds: ‘Time does have an impact on our teeth and it is important to see the dentist and hygienist frequently, particularly as we get older. Some of the common problems with ageing include tooth surface loss, either by brushing too hard or because of tooth clenching or grinding habits – unfortunately all too common in the increasingly stressful world we live in.

‘Teeth can also become darker as we age, sometimes due to staining but often due to the enamel getting thinner, allowing the underlying brown dentine to become more apparent. We also need to look after our gums (often forgotten about) as this provides the foundation for our teeth. Gum disease can often be symptomless until it gets to the advanced stages and this is a common cause of tooth loss.’

Dr Krishnan has been practising for almost 25 years and a significant part of this time has been devoted to cosmetic dentistry, especially minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry.

He says: ‘I have been fortunate to be involved in the development of protocols and procedures to enable dentists to give their patients great smiles without the excessive use of the dreaded drill. I have also been privileged to teach these principles to thousands of dentists from all over the world.

‘My practice is now purely dedicated to minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry and we can offer patient’s all of the best treatments available to enhance, repair or rejuvenate their smile.

If you believe life is not a dress rehearsal and are looking to reinvent your smile, then Cfast offers you a discreet, fast, safe and effective solution to straightening teeth.

It is a gentle, minimally invasive short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that uses sound clinical principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth.

The cosmetic teeth-straightening system is comfortable, safe and affordable and uses tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’.

The system straightens teeth in a controlled and predictable way and uses lighter forces than traditional orthodontics, so it is more comfortable as well as faster – major considerations for today’s patient looking to improve their smile.

And, for those patients seeking total discretion, SmileTRU is the clear aligner option. The transparent positioners fit over your teeth to gently guide them into the desired position – comfortably and discreetly.

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