It’s never too late to keep up appearances – as 63-year old Jeffrey Benedyk attests to…

14th May 2019 by cfast-login

We all like to look our best – and it was this universal desire to keep up appearances that drove a London-based property developer to fix his crooked smile.

Jeffrey Benedyk, aged 63, had often contemplated having braces but feared the procedure might take years to address his wonky teeth.

He explains: ‘My teeth always bothered me but I never realised anything other than full braces could enhance my smile.

Now, having undergone just three months of cosmetic dentistry, including eight weeks of short-term orthodontic alignment, he says he ‘cannot stop smiling into mirrors’.

Jeffrey was treated at the leading London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, by multiple award-winning celebrity dentist, Dr Biju Krishnan, founder of Cfast, one of the world’s most sought-after adult cosmetic tooth alignment systems.

Cfast is a popular invisible brace option because it’s not just quick, it’s also minimally invasive. The braces are designed to address the ‘social six’ – or the front teeth that influence a smile – in as little as four months.

According to Jeffrey, using Cfast, Dr Krishnan ‘worked wonders with my wonky front teeth’.

‘I had put up with them for so long because I thought it would be painful and take years to correct with very visible braces, but they were straightened in just eight week. Afterwards, I had composite bonding, contouring, polishing and teeth whitening and was then completely confident about smiling.’

Jeffrey originally visited the surgery with his wife, who was having a free consultation with the team, but ended up having his own teeth straightened by Dr Krishnan within a matter of weeks – ‘his team are so friendly and helpful and it is a pleasure to deal with them,’ he adds.

The difference in his smile is amazing – Jeffery jokes: ‘I only came to keep my wife company and am so pleased I did. Just as important, the cost was very reasonable.’

Jeffrey is among a growing number of UK adults who are seeking discreet teeth-straightening solutions.

Many opt for invisible braces to reclaim their smile in time for a special occasion or improve their confidence as they look to boost their career. Jeffrey, however, ‘just wanted to look good in social situations’.

Cfast involves tooth-coloured wires and ceramic brackets affixed to the teeth that require straightening.

Jeffrey says: ‘The fact that it is quick, pain free and relatively inexpensive is very appealing.’

Only one or two close people noticed he was wearing them, but most of his friends did not notice, which meant a lot of people who knew him were astonished at how much better his teeth looked on completion.

For him, having a healthy straight smile was important and for anyone considering having braces, his advice is to ‘go for it!’

Statistics show that an increasing number of people are seeking cosmetic treatments to improve their smiles. Mostly, they’re influenced by media coverage on how straight teeth can positively impact on appearance and wellbeing, as well as the social media activity of celebrities sharing their journey to a dazzling straight smile.

Jeffrey says: ’I am 63 and still want to keep up appearances. Many factors influence us to improve our smile and, these days, we are all want our teeth to look as perfect as those of celebrities.’

Cfast is a cosmetic solution to significantly improve the appearance of misaligned teeth, usually in around six to nine months.

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