‘I no longer try to hide my smile’

5th March 2019 by cfast-login

A stunning newly straightened smile has restored the confidence of a 23-year-old administrative assistant – and it only took nine months to create.

Sara, from Airdrie, Scotland, never had a huge problem with her appearance and even considered the gap between her two front teeth to be ‘part of my character’.

However, she admits there were times she felt a little self-conscious.

She explains: ‘I felt paranoid that, when meeting new people, they would automatically be drawn to look at my smile first – and judge me because I didn’t have straight teeth.

‘When I was younger, my gap was much smaller and my other teeth were more in line but, as I got older, the teeth started to move and the gap widened.’

In fact, as we age, teeth do begin to drift – especially if there are gaps in our smile line.

Sara says: ‘It wasn’t so much my gap that bothered me but my other teeth had started to move out of line which, in turn, allowed more space for the gap to widen. So, for me, it was more about bringing my teeth back into line and reducing that gap. But I never imagined the amazing results that I got at the end of my treatment – and I am beyond happy. I smile without a second thought now and no longer try to hide my mouth when meeting people.’

For Sara, the fundamental concerns with her teeth-straightening treatment were to do with time and discretion, which is why her dentist Daryl McLay, who practises at Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow, opted to realign her smile using Cfast – a cosmetically focused orthodontic system.

He says: ‘I have been treating patients using Cfast for approximately three and a half years and have treated almost 200 patients. As the brand grows – with celebrities and TV adverts to support it – more and more patients are excited about having Cfast braces fitted.’

Cfast is a gentle, minimally invasive short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that uses sound clinical principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth.

The cosmetic teeth-straightening system is comfortable, safe and affordable and uses tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’ – the teeth that show when we smile.

Daryl adds: ‘As a clinician, I feel the process flows well from impressions/digital scan to prescription to receiving the indirect set up and wires, which all occurs in a fairly short period of time. I usually opt for the self-ligating brackets, which I feel are more discreet and patient friendly and less susceptible to staining.’

Sara has already considered orthodontics when she was younger, but explains: ‘When I was at school, I attended a consultation with an orthodontist who told me I would have to have an operation, as the skin from my lip was attached further down onto my gum that usual. That totally put me off – as well as the fact that I would have had to wear braces for around two to two and a half years.

‘The main thing for me this time was that the team at Dentistry on the Square could complete the treatment in a short amount of time. I also loved that the braces were barely noticeable. And, once it was confirmed that I didn’t need to have an operation on my gum, I was so happy that I agreed to my treatment plan then and there!’

The braces were a little uncomfortable for the first few weeks and the first 10 days proved challenging for Sara when eating. She explains: ‘It was difficult for me to eat at first – it was mainly soups or puréed food I was eating but, after the initial few weeks, I was back to eating everything I normally ate. I did, however, stay away from any really rich-coloured foods to avoid staining my braces.’

In fact, she was so used to her braces, that after the treatment, it felt strange not to be wearing them, she says. Sara is also a convert to dental treatment. She comments: ‘I would say that most people would worry about the pain – especially if they are nervous patients, as I was when I was younger. I wouldn’t even let the dentist put the mirror in my mouth but this experience has changed everything.’

With family and friends amazed at the results, Sara believes it’s never too late to have braces although, as she says, ‘perfect’ comes in all shapes and forms.

She says: ‘I think if you are happy with the way your teeth look, then that’s all that matters, but I believe you do know when the time is right for you.’

Daryl says: ‘Generally, Cfast suits patients who wish to make improvements to their front teeth only in a fairly short period of time – and without compromise to their bite or function.’

Currently halfway through a post-graduate diploma in orthodontics, he is due to finish towards the end of this year and says that it has already greatly changed the treatments he offers his patients.

He explains: ‘With already a couple years of experience using cosmetically focused orthodontics, the diploma has built on this and given me a much deeper understanding of comprehensive orthodontics. It has given me the opportunity to receive guidance from world-renowned orthodontists and, therefore, help patients with slightly more complex needs.

‘It has improved all areas including assessment, treatment planning, and delivery of orthodontics and benefits my patients greatly who receive treatment from me based on the most up-to-date available evidence, helping me practice in a safe, predictable and evidence-based way.’

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