‘I envied my friends’ teeth’ in photos’ – how Cfast beats Instagram when it comes to creating that perfect smile

25th October 2018 by cfast-login

According to a recent report, 24 billion selfies were uploaded to Google in 2015.

With Snapchat and Instagram offering us all kinds of amazing opportunities to transform the way we look with filters that smooth skin, thin our face, whiten teeth and change our eye colour, easy-to-use photo-editing technology has fuelled the popularity in posting photos online.

But what can be done if it is crooked teeth that impact on the confidence we have in our appearance?

It took just six months of Cfast cosmetic teeth straightening to kick start Kelly Turnbull’s positive outlook.

The 26-year-old bid coordinator from Manchester had been self-conscious about her teeth for a number of years.

She explains: ‘My top teeth weren’t straight and it made them look discoloured at times. My bottom teeth were overcrowded and I would often bite my lip when eating due to the misalignment of the teeth.

‘All my friends have great teeth and it would be the first thing I noticed in photos. After a year of going back and forth, I finally decided to take the plunge – it was the best decision I ever made, and I only wish I had done it sooner.’

Kelly says that it’s not always easy to find the cost for braces online and learnt that some dentists fail to offer free consultations or payment plans. She also believes that many people seeking teeth straightening often assume that it takes two to three years for braces to work.

But the hours she dedicated to her online searches paid off when she found Ravi Singh at Clinica MCR, where they offer payment plan to those patients undergoing cosmetic dental treatments.

Although teeth-straightening treatment is more affordable than ever before but it can be tough to find a lump sum, which is why having payment options can help manage cash flow.

She explains: ‘After searching online and having a free consultation, I chose Cfast as a fast and discreet option.’

The Cfast system straightens teeth in a controlled and predictable way and uses lighter forces than traditional orthodontics, so it is more comfortable as well as faster – major considerations for today’s patient looking to improve their smile.

They are discreet too – with tooth coloured wires and ceramic brackets.

And, for those of us seeking total discretion, SmileTRU is the clear aligner option. The transparent positioners fit over your teeth to gently guide them into the desired position – comfortably and discreetly.

The braces had little impact on Kelly’s lifestyle – ‘ I just made sure I brushed after eating food that could stain the braces’, she says, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to straighten their smile.

The reaction of family and friends has been positive – ‘they can’t believe the difference in my teeth now’ and, thanks to the influence of social media, Instagram pics and celebrity lifestyles, there are so many more of us looking to join the thousands of people who have embraced Cfast.

As Kelly posted on Instagram once her treatment was complete and her new smile

– ‘Anyone will know that if you have an insecurity, it’s all you notice – even if others don’t, and you would do anything to put it right. Mine was my teeth so for the last six months I’ve worn braces. Now they are off I am beyond happy with the results!’

And, who in the public eye does Kelly think has a smile to envy? Her ‘smile’ icon is Holly Willoughby, who, coincidentally, also wore Cfast braces to create her much-admired smile.

The first Cfast SmileTru advert hits TV screens this month, so if Kelly hasn’t inspired you – make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

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