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30th October 2018 by cfast-login

Aesthetics plays an important part in the professional life of Jo Jarrett.

The 37-year-old estate agent, from Malton in Yorkshire, has been helping people move into their dream homes since her early 20s.

With an eye for pleasing property and a passion for matching buyer to homes, she enjoys a public-facing profession where she can draw on her local knowledge and love for the area, as well as meet new people.

Having just launched her own business – –mum-of-two Jo is excited to be adding a modern twist to the traditional property sales market.

But there was one thing that she felt was not aesthetically pleasing – her smile. And, it was her teeth that now needed moving – back into alignment.

After much consideration, she sought the advice of Malton-based dentist and advanced facial aesthetics practitioner Catherine Tannahill, principal at The Smile Rooms, where aesthetics also play an important role.

Conscious that one tooth especially was ‘sticking out’, Jo wanted cosmetic teeth straightening to boost her confidence.

She admits she was a former thumb sucker and was always aware of her teeth – primarily, the problem was with the teeth that showed when she smiled – these are the teeth to which dentists refer as the ‘social six’.

Dentist Catherine explains: ‘Jo wasn’t looking for full orthodontic correction – she simply wanted to align her upper front teeth. That’s why I recommended Cfast, a cosmetic teeth-straightening system that is effective, speedy and complements the other aesthetic treatments The Smile Rooms offers.

‘Cfast is an easy system to use that I have been offering my patients for more than seven years now. There is great support from an online forum and from the technicians in the early days. With careful case selection, I found I could increase the complexity of cases treated. I find that Cfast patients often see our marketing, and come for the treatment and then become long-term patients of the practice, requesting further cosmetic, work such as whitening, composite bonding and facial aesthetics.’

Jo was not overly concerned with having invisible braces – ‘it was nice that they were discreet but, more importantly, I wanted great results’ – so Catherine fitted tooth-coloured wires and clear ceramic brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’ – or those teeth that show when we smile.

And they impacted very little on day-to-day life, too. Jo says they had no detrimental effect on what she ate, and only affected her speech for the first 24 hours ‘until I got used to them’.

Single mum Jo says her treatment took just under four months and is delighted with the results – ‘Cfast is a quick and easy cosmetic treatment and well worth my investment. I now have the healthy straight smile I was looking for – and the confidence to look for love again!’

She believes many people are put off seeking treatment for fear of the cost and time demands – ‘people don’t always realise how easy it is nor know about all the financial options available and that’s a shame as a smile is so important to our everyday lives – at work as well as in our social lives’.

‘Having a healthy straight smile boosts confidence. I think there are many people for whom it’s important, but they don’t realise how easy and achievable it is now.’

With family and friends impressed by her new smile, she has even managed to convince one of her mum’s friends to have treatment.

Jo says: ‘I am now desperately trying to persuade my mum to get her teeth straightened. Funnily enough, my mum was so impressed with my teeth that she showed a friend of hers and she is now having Cfast treatment – at 67!’

The other benefit to straight teeth is that it also makes them easier to clean without the hard-to-reach areas, so ensuring good oral health.

Dentist Catherine comments: ‘I am seeing increasing numbers of adults – both male and female – requesting teeth straightening. Everyone wants straight white teeth!’

Many of us are what dentists call ‘re-treats’, adults who wore braces at a teenager but whose teeth shifted back out of alignment because they didn’t wear a retainer.

She explains: ‘I’d say 50% are re-treats – patients who simply didn’t wear their retainers or were not given instruction to continue to wear retainers for as long as they wanted their teeth to be straight. The rest were never offered the chance of teeth straightening as a teenager, or declined treatment at the time. Luckily, there are now options for fast and effective teeth straightening – so, whatever your age, It’s never too late to achieve a straight smile.’

The Smile Rooms offers other cosmetic treatments, including dental implants, orthodontics and facial aesthetics.

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