Braces so good – dental nurses wear them!

6th June 2018 by cfast-login

As a trainee dental nurse, Dariel Fernadez is perfectly placed to understand the importance of healthy straight teeth.

He encounters people’s smiles every day and knows that aligned teeth are easier to clean, which means they are healthier.

He also understands how a great smile can boost confidence – and how cosmetic teeth straightening can transform not only the way people feel about themselves but also how they look.

The 24 year old is currently training to be a dental nurse alongside dentist Jenni Grimes, who specialises in Cfast, the gentle, minimally invasive short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that uses sound clinical principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth.

Jenni works at London’s Vestry House in the heart of the city and Connaught Village Dentistry in the heart of the capital’s West End, straightening teeth with this minimally invasive treatment.

It is comfortable, safe and affordable and uses tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently moved the ‘social six’ into place – those teeth that show when we smile.

Having worked chairside with Jenni, Dariel was keen to seek treatment to improve his own smile.

Not having had braces before, this was his first experience and chose Cfast because it works faster than traditional orthodontic treatment – as he says ‘everyone likes to have results as soon as possible’.

The trainee dental nurse also knows the all-round benefits of a straight smile – ‘it will be better for my oral health and it will make me more confident when I am smiling in front of other people’, he explains.

He says: ‘The position of my teeth didn’t let me clean properly between my teeth and I was a bit shy when I had to smile in front of people. One of the best things about the ceramic braces is that people rarely notice I am having treatment, unless I tell to them. For most people, this discretion is a major positive factor.’

He says that, for the first couple of days, the braces ‘feel a bit weird but you soon get used to them’ and that, during the first week, it is better to eat soft food but adds: ‘In general, I didn’t modify my diet that much’.

He highly recommends Cfast to anyone considering simple teeth straightening as the system delivers ‘good results in a short period of time’.

With Blake Lively, Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba top of his ‘great smiles’ list, he has three great tips for those of us looking to recreate a dazzling smile worthy of celebrity status – ‘soft food the first week, a lot of interdental cleaning and plenty of patience’.

Meanwhile, Dariel is happy to talk to patients who are still unsure about the affordable and fast treatment.

As Gary Dickenson of Cfast says: ‘With devices priced less expensively than any other short term orthodontic providers, Cfast makes a great smile affordable for more patients.’

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