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30th May 2018 by cfast-login

An increasing number of us are seeking a perfect straight smile, according to a survey by the British Orthodontic Society.

And one of the more popular options is braces with discreet clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

No wonder then that Cfast is rapidly becoming the treatment choice for those of us looking to straighten our teeth in adulthood.

The survey of orthodontists revealed 80% had seen an increase in private adult treatment – a rise of 5% in two years – with more than 75% of us seeking fixed braces with clear aesthetic brackets.

It also showed that adult patients were most likely to be female, although the blokes are not far behind!

At 45, Victoria Toll, an auditor for a global logistics company who lives in Manchester, joins an increasing number of Brits all looking to recreate the smiles of their youth.

Victoria had her teeth straightened in her 30s, but explains: ‘They were very crooked and I felt self-conscious and they were never really straightened to the standard promised. I then lost my retainer and they began to slip a little. I now want to finish the job this time and have nice straight teeth to last forever.’

Victoria saw dentist Tom Owen, owner of Wish Dental, a smart new practice situated in the idyllic Cheshire village of Poynton.

Tom says: ‘Approximately 80% of those looking to improve their crooked smile had braces when they were younger but, for one reason or another, their teeth have slipped out of line.

‘At Wish Dental, we welcome at least one new patient every single day – most of whom would like to improve their smile in some way.’

Often it is a milestone event, such as a wedding or a ‘big birthday’, which sparks the desire to seek cosmetic teeth-straightening treatment. But Victoria simply wanted a quick solution that guaranteed good result, would last – and boost her confidence.

So, what didn’t she like about her smile?

‘Lots!’ Victoria says. ‘I do feel like I have big teeth and a big smile so, if they are crooked, it’s very obvious. The clear braces are a great bonus but I was really just looking for fast, effective cosmetic teeth straightening,’

However, there is a tiny downside to fixed ceramic braces – Victoria has had to tweak her diet somewhat.

‘I like a curry, love coffee and I usually take the multivitamin, Berocca, every day but, as I’m conscious that the brace could stain, I’m being very careful what I consume.

‘But I feel far more comfortable in Cfast rather than the removable braces I had in my 30s. They don’t feel quite so intrusive, because they are just on the outside of the teeth, and it’s (hopefully) going to be quick.

‘The expectation is for me to wear them for approximately six months only. Back in the day, you wore braces for years and that wouldn’t have been an option, but I can manage a few months.’

Victoria believes it’s never too late to get braces. She says: ‘If it is something that makes you feel better about yourself, then there is absolutely no age limit as far as I’m concerned.

‘I am lucky because I have good strong teeth in good health and veneers were just not an option for me. I wanted to keep the teeth I was born with and have a natural look.’

She adds: ‘Tom and the Wish Dental team were absolutely wonderful and it was because of his genuinely sincere manner, their care and commitment to offer the very best service that I felt confident enough to go back down this route of braces at the ripe old age of 45!’

Dentist Tom says he recommended Cfast for Victoria ‘because they look great and you can hardly notice them’.

He explains: ‘She wants them to be perfect. She previously had removable braces, but her teeth have relapsed as she lost her retainer and she began to notice a gap and some cross over of her front teeth.’

He says the team at Wish Dental are seeing an increasing number of 40-plus patients asking about teeth straightening, with his most recent potential Cfast patient a 69 year old looking to reclaim a youthful smile.

As we age, our teeth do change. Tom says: ‘Naturally, they will become darker from staining and natural ageing process and there is evidence that the distance between the canines will decrease causing crowding.’

This movement in our teeth, in turn can lead to health problems, such as trouble eating and cleaning, increased gum and bone loss, tooth decay, erosion of tooth enamel and even headaches and jaw joint pain.

So, crooked teeth and poorly aligned bites aren’t just cosmetic concerns – they can link to our health, too.

With devices priced less expensively than any other short-term orthodontic providers, Cfast makes a great smile affordable for more patients.

For more information about your local Cfast dentist, click here.

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