It’s never too late to keep up appearances – as 63-year old Jeffrey Benedyk attests to…

We all like to look our best – and it was this universal desire to keep up appearances that drove a London-based property developer to fix his crooked smile.

Jeffrey Benedyk, aged 63, had often contemplated having braces but feared the procedure might take years to address his wonky teeth.

He explains: ‘My teeth always bothered me but I never realised anything other than full braces could enhance my smile.

Now, having undergone just three months of cosmetic dentistry, including eight weeks of short-term orthodontic alignment, he says he ‘cannot stop smiling into mirrors’.

Jeffrey was treated at the leading London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, by multiple award-winning celebrity dentist, Dr Biju Krishnan, founder of Cfast, one of the world’s most sought-after adult cosmetic tooth alignment systems.

Cfast is a popular invisible brace option because it’s not just quick, it’s also minimally invasive. The braces are designed to address the ‘social six’ – or the front teeth that influence a smile – in as little as four months.

According to Jeffrey, using Cfast, Dr Krishnan ‘worked wonders with my wonky front teeth’.

‘I had put up with them for so long because I thought it would be painful and take years to correct with very visible braces, but they were straightened in just eight week. Afterwards, I had composite bonding, contouring, polishing and teeth whitening and was then completely confident about smiling.’

Jeffrey originally visited the surgery with his wife, who was having a free consultation with the team, but ended up having his own teeth straightened by Dr Krishnan within a matter of weeks – ‘his team are so friendly and helpful and it is a pleasure to deal with them,’ he adds.

The difference in his smile is amazing – Jeffery jokes: ‘I only came to keep my wife company and am so pleased I did. Just as important, the cost was very reasonable.’

Jeffrey is among a growing number of UK adults who are seeking discreet teeth-straightening solutions.

Many opt for invisible braces to reclaim their smile in time for a special occasion or improve their confidence as they look to boost their career. Jeffrey, however, ‘just wanted to look good in social situations’.

Cfast involves tooth-coloured wires and ceramic brackets affixed to the teeth that require straightening.

Jeffrey says: ‘The fact that it is quick, pain free and relatively inexpensive is very appealing.’

Only one or two close people noticed he was wearing them, but most of his friends did not notice, which meant a lot of people who knew him were astonished at how much better his teeth looked on completion.

For him, having a healthy straight smile was important and for anyone considering having braces, his advice is to ‘go for it!’

Statistics show that an increasing number of people are seeking cosmetic treatments to improve their smiles. Mostly, they’re influenced by media coverage on how straight teeth can positively impact on appearance and wellbeing, as well as the social media activity of celebrities sharing their journey to a dazzling straight smile.

Jeffrey says: ’I am 63 and still want to keep up appearances. Many factors influence us to improve our smile and, these days, we are all want our teeth to look as perfect as those of celebrities.’

Cfast is a cosmetic solution to significantly improve the appearance of misaligned teeth, usually in around six to nine months.

For more about the treatments offered at The London Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, including Cfast, go to

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‘I no longer try to hide my smile’

A stunning newly straightened smile has restored the confidence of a 23-year-old administrative assistant – and it only took nine months to create.

Sara, from Airdrie, Scotland, never had a huge problem with her appearance and even considered the gap between her two front teeth to be ‘part of my character’.

However, she admits there were times she felt a little self-conscious.

She explains: ‘I felt paranoid that, when meeting new people, they would automatically be drawn to look at my smile first – and judge me because I didn’t have straight teeth.

‘When I was younger, my gap was much smaller and my other teeth were more in line but, as I got older, the teeth started to move and the gap widened.’

In fact, as we age, teeth do begin to drift – especially if there are gaps in our smile line.

Sara says: ‘It wasn’t so much my gap that bothered me but my other teeth had started to move out of line which, in turn, allowed more space for the gap to widen. So, for me, it was more about bringing my teeth back into line and reducing that gap. But I never imagined the amazing results that I got at the end of my treatment – and I am beyond happy. I smile without a second thought now and no longer try to hide my mouth when meeting people.’

For Sara, the fundamental concerns with her teeth-straightening treatment were to do with time and discretion, which is why her dentist Daryl McLay, who practises at Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow, opted to realign her smile using Cfast – a cosmetically focused orthodontic system.

He says: ‘I have been treating patients using Cfast for approximately three and a half years and have treated almost 200 patients. As the brand grows – with celebrities and TV adverts to support it – more and more patients are excited about having Cfast braces fitted.’

Cfast is a gentle, minimally invasive short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that uses sound clinical principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth.

The cosmetic teeth-straightening system is comfortable, safe and affordable and uses tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’ – the teeth that show when we smile.

Daryl adds: ‘As a clinician, I feel the process flows well from impressions/digital scan to prescription to receiving the indirect set up and wires, which all occurs in a fairly short period of time. I usually opt for the self-ligating brackets, which I feel are more discreet and patient friendly and less susceptible to staining.’

Sara has already considered orthodontics when she was younger, but explains: ‘When I was at school, I attended a consultation with an orthodontist who told me I would have to have an operation, as the skin from my lip was attached further down onto my gum that usual. That totally put me off – as well as the fact that I would have had to wear braces for around two to two and a half years.

‘The main thing for me this time was that the team at Dentistry on the Square could complete the treatment in a short amount of time. I also loved that the braces were barely noticeable. And, once it was confirmed that I didn’t need to have an operation on my gum, I was so happy that I agreed to my treatment plan then and there!’

The braces were a little uncomfortable for the first few weeks and the first 10 days proved challenging for Sara when eating. She explains: ‘It was difficult for me to eat at first – it was mainly soups or puréed food I was eating but, after the initial few weeks, I was back to eating everything I normally ate. I did, however, stay away from any really rich-coloured foods to avoid staining my braces.’

In fact, she was so used to her braces, that after the treatment, it felt strange not to be wearing them, she says. Sara is also a convert to dental treatment. She comments: ‘I would say that most people would worry about the pain – especially if they are nervous patients, as I was when I was younger. I wouldn’t even let the dentist put the mirror in my mouth but this experience has changed everything.’

With family and friends amazed at the results, Sara believes it’s never too late to have braces although, as she says, ‘perfect’ comes in all shapes and forms.

She says: ‘I think if you are happy with the way your teeth look, then that’s all that matters, but I believe you do know when the time is right for you.’

Daryl says: ‘Generally, Cfast suits patients who wish to make improvements to their front teeth only in a fairly short period of time – and without compromise to their bite or function.’

Currently halfway through a post-graduate diploma in orthodontics, he is due to finish towards the end of this year and says that it has already greatly changed the treatments he offers his patients.

He explains: ‘With already a couple years of experience using cosmetically focused orthodontics, the diploma has built on this and given me a much deeper understanding of comprehensive orthodontics. It has given me the opportunity to receive guidance from world-renowned orthodontists and, therefore, help patients with slightly more complex needs.

‘It has improved all areas including assessment, treatment planning, and delivery of orthodontics and benefits my patients greatly who receive treatment from me based on the most up-to-date available evidence, helping me practice in a safe, predictable and evidence-based way.’

For more about Dentistry on the Square – the ‘home of pain-free dentistry’ – visit

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Grand designs – how Cfast transforms a smile

Aesthetics plays an important part in the professional life of Jo Jarrett.

The 37-year-old estate agent, from Malton in Yorkshire, has been helping people move into their dream homes since her early 20s.

With an eye for pleasing property and a passion for matching buyer to homes, she enjoys a public-facing profession where she can draw on her local knowledge and love for the area, as well as meet new people.

Having just launched her own business – –mum-of-two Jo is excited to be adding a modern twist to the traditional property sales market.

But there was one thing that she felt was not aesthetically pleasing – her smile. And, it was her teeth that now needed moving – back into alignment.

After much consideration, she sought the advice of Malton-based dentist and advanced facial aesthetics practitioner Catherine Tannahill, principal at The Smile Rooms, where aesthetics also play an important role.

Conscious that one tooth especially was ‘sticking out’, Jo wanted cosmetic teeth straightening to boost her confidence.

She admits she was a former thumb sucker and was always aware of her teeth – primarily, the problem was with the teeth that showed when she smiled – these are the teeth to which dentists refer as the ‘social six’.

Dentist Catherine explains: ‘Jo wasn’t looking for full orthodontic correction – she simply wanted to align her upper front teeth. That’s why I recommended Cfast, a cosmetic teeth-straightening system that is effective, speedy and complements the other aesthetic treatments The Smile Rooms offers.

‘Cfast is an easy system to use that I have been offering my patients for more than seven years now. There is great support from an online forum and from the technicians in the early days. With careful case selection, I found I could increase the complexity of cases treated. I find that Cfast patients often see our marketing, and come for the treatment and then become long-term patients of the practice, requesting further cosmetic, work such as whitening, composite bonding and facial aesthetics.’

Jo was not overly concerned with having invisible braces – ‘it was nice that they were discreet but, more importantly, I wanted great results’ – so Catherine fitted tooth-coloured wires and clear ceramic brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’ – or those teeth that show when we smile.

And they impacted very little on day-to-day life, too. Jo says they had no detrimental effect on what she ate, and only affected her speech for the first 24 hours ‘until I got used to them’.

Single mum Jo says her treatment took just under four months and is delighted with the results – ‘Cfast is a quick and easy cosmetic treatment and well worth my investment. I now have the healthy straight smile I was looking for – and the confidence to look for love again!’

She believes many people are put off seeking treatment for fear of the cost and time demands – ‘people don’t always realise how easy it is nor know about all the financial options available and that’s a shame as a smile is so important to our everyday lives – at work as well as in our social lives’.

‘Having a healthy straight smile boosts confidence. I think there are many people for whom it’s important, but they don’t realise how easy and achievable it is now.’

With family and friends impressed by her new smile, she has even managed to convince one of her mum’s friends to have treatment.

Jo says: ‘I am now desperately trying to persuade my mum to get her teeth straightened. Funnily enough, my mum was so impressed with my teeth that she showed a friend of hers and she is now having Cfast treatment – at 67!’

The other benefit to straight teeth is that it also makes them easier to clean without the hard-to-reach areas, so ensuring good oral health.

Dentist Catherine comments: ‘I am seeing increasing numbers of adults – both male and female – requesting teeth straightening. Everyone wants straight white teeth!’

Many of us are what dentists call ‘re-treats’, adults who wore braces at a teenager but whose teeth shifted back out of alignment because they didn’t wear a retainer.

She explains: ‘I’d say 50% are re-treats – patients who simply didn’t wear their retainers or were not given instruction to continue to wear retainers for as long as they wanted their teeth to be straight. The rest were never offered the chance of teeth straightening as a teenager, or declined treatment at the time. Luckily, there are now options for fast and effective teeth straightening – so, whatever your age, It’s never too late to achieve a straight smile.’

The Smile Rooms offers other cosmetic treatments, including dental implants, orthodontics and facial aesthetics.

For more, visit

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Aesthetics nurse delights in a new Cfast smile

We only have a small window of opportunity to make a great first impression – and a confident smile plays a big part of this.

Social media has made us all acutely aware of the way we appear to others, which means a whole lot more of us are seeking cosmetic treatments to enhance our look – and this includes adult orthodontics.

Teeth straightening treatment has never been so affordable – or so fast – and dental payment plans means we can invest in a new smile without worrying about the cost.

Melissa Theobalds is an army nurse based at Catterick Garrison, a major garrison and military town three miles south of Richmond in North Yorkshire.

Now qualified to offer the aesthetic procedures of Botox and dermal fillers, she understands only too well the desire for anti-ageing treatments and clinical ways to improve our facial appearance.

But with so many clients coming to see her for these non-invasive popular treatments, she was aware that she too needed to look and feel confidence in her appearance – and the one thing that let her down, she says, was her smile.

Melissa explains: ‘I always looked at pictures of myself smiling and the first thing I noticed was that my teeth were crooked. They really stood out to me and my eyes were drawn to the imperfections. They were so bad, it made me not want to show my teeth.

‘I wanted to boost my confidence as I am trained in aesthetics (Botox and dermal fillers) and am now seeing clients regular face to face, so I wanted to also look better aesthetically.’

The 26-year-old nurse also understood only too well the all-round benefits of a healthy, straight smile.

So with a plan to invest in adult orthodontics, Melissa saw Malton-based dentist and advanced facial aesthetics practitioner Catherine Tannahill, practice principal at The Smile Rooms, where aesthetics play an important role in the care the team offers.

With a professional understanding of the importance of safe cosmetic treatments, she was drawn to Cfast because it is a gentle, minimally invasive short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that uses sound clinical principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth.

Melissa explains: ‘It seemed such a fast way to get the best outcome. The option of removable clear aligners didn’t appeal to me as I thought they might be fiddly, as you have to take them out for eating. But Cfast ticked boxes – they are white to look at and natural and the main appeal to me was the short length of time it would take.’

Catherine fitted braces that were ceramic with tooth-coloured wires, which meant few people noticed Melissa was having treatment. Melissa says: ‘I wanted them to be near invisible; I’m 26 not a teenager but, in fact, once I had them on, I began to notice so many other adults with braces.’

The Cfast system straightens teeth in a controlled and predictable way and uses lighter forces than traditional orthodontics, so it is more comfortable as well as faster – major considerations for those of us wishing to improve out smile.

The only drawback was that she had to be more aware of coloured foods and liquids, such as tomato sauce, tomato paste, cumin and coffee, because they stained the wires. However, it wasn’t a problem for Melissa – as she says ‘it helped keep my teeth white’.

The brace was on just four months – and, Melissa says, ‘the time flew’. Once treatment was complete, she was fitted with a discreet wire behind the teeth for extra support, along with a retainer to ensure her teeth remain aligned forever.

Dentists now recommended lifelong retention for anyone who has orthodontic treatment. Retainers can be permanent of removable and worn at night but play a major role in keeping newly straightened teeth aligned and easy to clean.

So, was Cfast treatment worth it? ‘Definitely,’ says Melissa. ‘Unhealthy teeth can cause infection in the mouth and even around the body, so that’s a major point for me. Plus, looking healthy and clean is also hugely important.

‘Before and during the Cfast process, most of my family and friends said I didn’t need the brace and I was silly for doing it. But, after they saw the results, all of them were amazed and said they could see a major difference!’

She is an enthusiastic fan and would recommend it to anyone seeing cosmetic teeth straightening. ‘I’d say 100% go for it. It seems a lot of money but it makes such a difference to your life and confidence. People start to notice how nice your teeth are and it lasts forever after such a short time in the braces – you don’t even notice you have the braces on. In fact, it was weird when they were taken off!’

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‘I envied my friends’ teeth’ in photos’ – how Cfast beats Instagram when it comes to creating that perfect smile

According to a recent report, 24 billion selfies were uploaded to Google in 2015.

With Snapchat and Instagram offering us all kinds of amazing opportunities to transform the way we look with filters that smooth skin, thin our face, whiten teeth and change our eye colour, easy-to-use photo-editing technology has fuelled the popularity in posting photos online.

But what can be done if it is crooked teeth that impact on the confidence we have in our appearance?

It took just six months of Cfast cosmetic teeth straightening to kick start Kelly Turnbull’s positive outlook.

The 26-year-old bid coordinator from Manchester had been self-conscious about her teeth for a number of years.

She explains: ‘My top teeth weren’t straight and it made them look discoloured at times. My bottom teeth were overcrowded and I would often bite my lip when eating due to the misalignment of the teeth.

‘All my friends have great teeth and it would be the first thing I noticed in photos. After a year of going back and forth, I finally decided to take the plunge – it was the best decision I ever made, and I only wish I had done it sooner.’

Kelly says that it’s not always easy to find the cost for braces online and learnt that some dentists fail to offer free consultations or payment plans. She also believes that many people seeking teeth straightening often assume that it takes two to three years for braces to work.

But the hours she dedicated to her online searches paid off when she found Ravi Singh at Clinica MCR, where they offer payment plan to those patients undergoing cosmetic dental treatments.

Although teeth-straightening treatment is more affordable than ever before but it can be tough to find a lump sum, which is why having payment options can help manage cash flow.

She explains: ‘After searching online and having a free consultation, I chose Cfast as a fast and discreet option.’

The Cfast system straightens teeth in a controlled and predictable way and uses lighter forces than traditional orthodontics, so it is more comfortable as well as faster – major considerations for today’s patient looking to improve their smile.

They are discreet too – with tooth coloured wires and ceramic brackets.

And, for those of us seeking total discretion, SmileTRU is the clear aligner option. The transparent positioners fit over your teeth to gently guide them into the desired position – comfortably and discreetly.

The braces had little impact on Kelly’s lifestyle – ‘ I just made sure I brushed after eating food that could stain the braces’, she says, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to straighten their smile.

The reaction of family and friends has been positive – ‘they can’t believe the difference in my teeth now’ and, thanks to the influence of social media, Instagram pics and celebrity lifestyles, there are so many more of us looking to join the thousands of people who have embraced Cfast.

As Kelly posted on Instagram once her treatment was complete and her new smile

– ‘Anyone will know that if you have an insecurity, it’s all you notice – even if others don’t, and you would do anything to put it right. Mine was my teeth so for the last six months I’ve worn braces. Now they are off I am beyond happy with the results!’

And, who in the public eye does Kelly think has a smile to envy? Her ‘smile’ icon is Holly Willoughby, who, coincidentally, also wore Cfast braces to create her much-admired smile.

The first Cfast SmileTru advert hits TV screens this month, so if Kelly hasn’t inspired you – make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

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Why straightening your teeth is the healthy option

Teeth are for life we’re told. So long as we keep as close eye on our diet, stick to a tip-top oral care regime and see our dentist regularly, we should be able to hang onto the smile we were blessed with long into our later years.

But what happens if our smile is less than perfect, our teeth are crooked and, as a result, we fail to keep them clean and healthy? What health risk does a wonky smile pose – as well as impacting on our confidence?

For Elizabeth Nein, it was the struggle to effectively clean her teeth twice a day that led her to seek a solution and improve her smile.

As a teen, the 41-year-old asset manager from London had a removable brace but she confesses, like many others at that age, she ‘never wore it’.

Thankfully cosmetic dentistry has come on leaps and bounds since then, boosting the number of adults seeking cosmetic teeth straightening solutions – and usually without the constraints of the traditional metal wires and brackets of yesteryear.

Elizabeth explains: ‘I was finding that I couldn’t clean my teeth properly because they were so crooked and I was worried about losing them too soon in life. I wanted to maintain a healthy smile and Jenni, my dentist, recommended Cfast.’

Dentist Jenni Grimes specialises in Cfast, the gentle, minimally invasive short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that uses sound clinical principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth.

Cfast braces are very often difficult to detect because they use tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’ – or those teeth that show when we smile. And they impact very little on day-to-day life, too.

The ceramic braces certainly fulfilled Elizabeth’s expectations. She says treatment was ‘quick, painless’ and delivered results in less than 11 months. And the fact that they braces were discreet was ‘just an added bonus’.

They had no negative effect on her speech nor did she have to change what she enjoyed eating. She says: ‘I originally avoided eating anything that was crusty or hard to bite anything. But, after a while I could eat normally.’

She believes it is never to late to get teeth straightened and suspects it is the perceived cost that puts some people off – although many dental practices do offer 0% finance.

For Elizabeth, having a healthy straight smile ‘massively important’ – and, although her main reason for seeking cosmetic teeth straightening was for health rather than appearance, Elizabeth says: ‘It’s great to be able to smile with confidence again.’

She’s not alone. According to a recent poll1, there is a strong correlation between good oral health and confidence in our smile.

The system straightens teeth in a controlled and predictable way and uses lighter forces than traditional orthodontics, so it is more comfortable as well as faster – major considerations for today’s patient looking to improve their smile.

And, for those patients seeking total discretion, SmileTRU is the clear aligner option. The transparent positioners fit over your teeth to gently guide them into the desired position – comfortably and discreetly.


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Adult braces – can I afford them?

A childhood wish to correct a crooked smile came true recently for Manchester-based 24 year old, Jubrul.

And he says it was thanks to the 0% finance opportunities offered at Windsor Dental in Salford that sealed the deal on his cosmetic dental makeover.

Jubrul is delighted with his new smile, which took just eight months in the making, and urges anyone else considering it to view aesthetic dentistry as a long-term and worthwhile investment.

He underwent Cfast teeth straightening, which focuses on the ‘social six’ – or those front teeth that show when we smile.

The cosmetic teeth-straightening system uses ceramic tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten teeth using sound orthodontic clinical principles.

Windsor Dental, which is a premium Cfast provider, also offers its Cfast patients complimentary teeth whitening once the teeth are straight.

Jubrul says: ‘I am now over exaggerating my smile, I just want to show it off. It’s increased my confidence and was the best decision I’ve ever made.’

‘It is an investment – and if you have the money for it, then do it, although 0% finance payment plans are a good thing.’

Before the Cfast braces were affixed to his teeth, Jubrul had four hygiene appointments to ensure his teeth and gums were in excellent condition. Once the treatment began, he says he only had to attend six or seven appointments for the dental team to check progress.

Initially, he had to avoid certain foods that were hard to bit but within two weeks, they had settled.

He says he definitely would recommend Cfast, primarily because of the speed – and, although he ‘wasn’t too fussed’ that they are discreet and only detectable close up, he can see the benefit to others.

Young adults are now up to 10 times more likely to have braces in adulthood than a generation ago, as many more admit that they are unhappy with their smile. Braces have steadily grown in popularity amongst adults in recent years and one study has found one in nine Brits aged 25-34 are having braces in their adulthood (12%), significantly higher than their parents (1%).

The Oral Health Foundation poll also showed that one in four are unhappy with their smile (27%) while nearly two in three are more worried about how their teeth look now compared with five years ago (64%).  Further findings show that just under half of adults suffer from a lack of confidence because of their smile (45%).

The survey also revealed that women are almost twice as likely to have braces in adulthood than men.

The demand for cosmetic dentistry in the UK is steadily increasing and three in four adults questioned say they would feel more confident from receiving a ‘smile makeover’ (76%).

Currently, more than two in three say they never smile in photographs as a result of their smile (70%) while one in ten point to it causing problems in their relationships (10%).  Others believe the appearance of their smile affects their career prospects, determines how they speak or eat in public, and some even reported being bullied because of how their teeth look.

Further results discovered more than a third would not get adult braces because they would feel embarrassed (36%) while one in three over 35 year-olds believe it’s too late to straighten teeth once in adulthood.

Straight teeth help us to keep them clean and healthy because there are fewer awkward areas where toothbrushing may prove difficult or the brush simply cannot reach. Crooked teeth leave us vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease, thanks to the crevices, gaps and hard-to-reach areas where food debris lingers.

The increasing popularity of adult orthodontics is thanks largely to a wider awareness of the importance of a straight, healthy smile. A newly straightened smile can boost confidence in social circles as well as at work and there is a general acceptance that a smile is the first thing we notice about each other when we first meet – especially important when on a first date or at a job interview.

Although teeth-straightening treatment is more affordable than ever before but it can be tough to find a lump sum, which is why having payment options can help manage cash flow.

Some dental practices, such as Windsor Dental, offer this to patients undergoing cosmetic dental treatments.

Be sure to take the opportunity to raise any queries before agreeing the treatment and making an appointment.

Essentially, if there is anything you do not understand, then ask.

The language of dentistry is littered with technical words that mean little to us in the outside world. Nobody expects you to understand any dental ‘jargon’ so, if the clinician wanders into that area of unusual vocabulary, don’t be afraid to ask for a more simple and clear explanation.

Additionally, you can try the practice’s FREE online dental consultation to find out how they can help you achieve the perfect smile.

It’s so quick and easy. Simply upload at least two close-up photographs of your teeth and see what we can do for you.

For more, visit



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Life is not a dress rehearsal – so get the smile you deserve

Confidence has a major role in any stage performance but actor Tom Whalley felt his teeth were a drawback when it came to achieving that ‘red carpet’ smile.

Having trod the boards for some years and with a passion for pantomime – both appearing in them and writing them – the 28-year-old actor and writer, originally from Newcastle upon Tyne but now living in London, felt his smile needed a makeover all of its own.

He says: ‘I was always self conscious about my teeth and, as an actor, how I look is vital – with a smile a huge factor in not only my appearance, but my confidence, too.’

So with a plan to rewrite the script on his smile, he booked a consultation with multiple award-winning celebrity dentist Dr Biju Krishnan, founder of Cfast, one of the world’s most popular adult cosmetic tooth alignment systems.

Dr Krishnan says: ‘Tom was mainly concerned about the spacing between his teeth. Sometimes, we can use Cfast to close the spacing but, in this case, Tom has naturally small teeth and closing the spacing here with Cfast would have been inappropriate.

‘So, we used the system to gently move the teeth into a better position prior to using composite bonding to close the spacing, which gave us a much nicer end result.’

Having always wanted to have cosmetic teeth straightening, it was only a matter of time for Tom.

He explains: ‘I couldn’t have them done when I had an initial consultation at the age 14 due to my studies. But I had a year of low confidence and knew my teeth were a factor. Cfast was presented to me as the best option and I wanted results fast.’

In fact, the treatment was so quick that the gaps between his teeth were closed in a matter of months and Tom achieved the smile of his dreams in time for his next acting role, with treatment starting in May this year and completing in July.

‘Since wearing braces, many people I’ve spoken to say they are mainly put off because they think it takes years and will look unsightly until completion. In fact, very few people noticed mine until I pointed them out!’

Cfast braces are difficult to detect because they use tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’ – or those teeth that show when we smile. And they impact very little on your day-to-day life, too.

Tom says they affected his speech ‘only very slightly’ and, when it came to food, he avoided certain staining foods throughout treatment as well as food he knew would become easily trapped in the brace.

So, would the actor recommend Cfast to anyone considering teeth straightening?

‘Absolutely go for it,’ he says. ‘Don’t wait any longer for the smile you want.
It’s never too late to get braces.’

Dr Krishnan is seeing an increasing number of male patients seeking teeth straightening. As he explains: ‘It’s the simplest, quickest, least invasive and most affordable cosmetic dental procedure and is also extremely safe. It’s really no wonder that it has become one of the most popular treatments that bring patients to us.

‘Many adults have had orthodontics in the past and have not used they’re retainer as required. As such, many patients will come to us wanting to have their teeth straightened again.’

He adds: ‘Time does have an impact on our teeth and it is important to see the dentist and hygienist frequently, particularly as we get older. Some of the common problems with ageing include tooth surface loss, either by brushing too hard or because of tooth clenching or grinding habits – unfortunately all too common in the increasingly stressful world we live in.

‘Teeth can also become darker as we age, sometimes due to staining but often due to the enamel getting thinner, allowing the underlying brown dentine to become more apparent. We also need to look after our gums (often forgotten about) as this provides the foundation for our teeth. Gum disease can often be symptomless until it gets to the advanced stages and this is a common cause of tooth loss.’

Dr Krishnan has been practising for almost 25 years and a significant part of this time has been devoted to cosmetic dentistry, especially minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry.

He says: ‘I have been fortunate to be involved in the development of protocols and procedures to enable dentists to give their patients great smiles without the excessive use of the dreaded drill. I have also been privileged to teach these principles to thousands of dentists from all over the world.

‘My practice is now purely dedicated to minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry and we can offer patient’s all of the best treatments available to enhance, repair or rejuvenate their smile.

If you believe life is not a dress rehearsal and are looking to reinvent your smile, then Cfast offers you a discreet, fast, safe and effective solution to straightening teeth.

It is a gentle, minimally invasive short-term orthodontic treatment for adults that uses sound clinical principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth.

The cosmetic teeth-straightening system is comfortable, safe and affordable and uses tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets to gently straighten the ‘social six’.

The system straightens teeth in a controlled and predictable way and uses lighter forces than traditional orthodontics, so it is more comfortable as well as faster – major considerations for today’s patient looking to improve their smile.

And, for those patients seeking total discretion, SmileTRU is the clear aligner option. The transparent positioners fit over your teeth to gently guide them into the desired position – comfortably and discreetly.

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‘My wedding photos have just come back and I’m so pleased with the way my teeth look’

An upcoming wedding is the perfect excuse for a makeover – for any bride and groom. As a major milestone event in many people’s lives, we all want to look our best and feel our most confident.

On average, it take 12 months of planning for the big day and our wedding outfits, the venue and choice of photographer all rate important considerations in the top 10 wedding plans of those planning to tie the knots.

But how many of us consider our smile?

Our wedding day should be one of the happiest of our lives, which means our smile will feature highly – particularly important in a world where everyone can spot a photo opportunity and most people have a smartphone to hand and a social media account or two on which to post their pics.

A radiant smile, sparkling eyes and a good mood will make a huge difference – to your enjoyment and how you look in your photos!

First tip then is to try to get in a good night’s rest or two before your wedding day – it’s not known as beauty sleep for nothing! A radiant smile, sparkling eyes and a good mood will make a huge difference – to your enjoyment and how you look in your photos!

But what if your smile is not quite up to scratch? Sometimes, a slight gap in our teeth or overcrowding can affect our confidence – and it may just be the six teeth that show when we smile that need a little cosmetic enhancement.

This was the case for Faye, a 27-year-old health visitor assistant from Hertfordshire, who, with a wedding in the calendar booked for June, recalls: ‘Every time I saw a photo of myself I just looked at my front tooth. Some angles it looked fine – but, in others, it stuck out.

Having had braces at the age of 14, like most teenagers she neglected to wear her retainer all the time and, as a result, her teeth moved.

In the run up to her wedding day, she was eager to achieve quick results with a cosmetic teeth-straightening system that had good reviews and used clear brackets to ensure discreet treatment.

Dr Shivani Thakhar, of Broxbourne Dental Care in Hertfordshire, recommended Cfast, because it uses tooth-coloured braces to gently and discreetly move teeth back into line to create a healthy, straight smile – sometimes in as little as four months.

Faye says: ‘I originally considered only having the top teeth done, as these are the teeth people see the most and I wasn’t conscious of the bottom. However, I knew I would regret not having them both done and, in fact, the bottom teeth actually took longer to move.’

With the expense of the wedding to pay for, she was keen to keep the cost of teeth-straightening treatment as low as possible, especially as she decided to move house during the lead up to her big day.

With cost and the impact on her lifestyle kept to a minimum – ‘ I changed my diet to avoid foods that would stain my braces and also cut out crisps and biscuits as I thought this may break the brackets’ – she was extra careful to look after her braces throughout treatment, which took eight months for the top teeth to align. Meanwhile, alignment for the bottom teeth is still ongoing.

She is delighted with results and says: ‘I would recommend Cfast to anyone, as the results are quick and my smile has been transformed. My wedding photos have just come back and I’m so pleased with the way my teeth look.’

Focusing on the ‘social six’ – the front teeth that most influence the smile – Cfast is a cosmetic teeth alignment procedure that uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires so it’s discreet, meaning you can get that winning smile you’ve always wanted for your wedding day and nobody need know you are having treatment.

Dr Shivani, who treated Faye says: ‘Faye came to me asking if there was a way I could straighten her teeth. She didn’t like the way her upper two front teeth crossed over (upper central incisors), and the lower front teeth were mildly misaligned. After a lengthy discussion regarding her expectations, Faye mentioned she was getting married in 11 months so I knew we had to get started with her treatment, and also that I wanted to achieve the most perfect smile in time for her big day!

She adds: ‘Cfast was the perfect system for her, primarily because it treats the front six teeth, which are usually the teeth of concern when patients aren’t happy with their smile.

‘As Cfast focuses on aligning the front six teeth, it is fast, and we had an objective to achieve our result by her wedding day. The braces are fixed, so Faye didn’t have to worry about wearing an appliance or having to take it out every time she wanted to eat. It is constantly applying tension, so allows us to achieve efficient results. The brace is tooth coloured, which means it is nice and discreet, even though braces on adults are becoming more and more the “norm” these days.’

The system is founded and supported by dentists who have keen interests in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry – ‘therefore, I really like the system and so do my patients,’ she adds.

Cfast is an ideal option for many patients who are looking to improve their smile. It forms part of a conservative treatment plan to enhance their smile – whether it leads to the final result of the teeth being in their ideal position, or means the teeth are moved to a more favourable position – after which composite bonding or veneers can be used to make minor adjustments.

To add the icing on the cake, Faye also had tooth-whitening treatment, which, says Dr Shivani, is a brilliant treatment that does wonders to a smile. Coupled with straightened teeth, she achieved a beautiful result.

Dr Shivani is now seeing an increasing number of adult patients seeking teeth straightening.

She comments: ‘More and more adults are taking the steps to straighten their teeth that, in turn, is making it more acceptable for adults to wear braces. For many, the results are life changing.’

Included in all treatment plans after straightening teeth with Cfast, her patients are provided with a fixed and removable retainer that is recommended is worn for life.

Broxbourne Dental Care has a 21-year long-standing and impressive reputation. With a focus on cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers, Dr Shivani likes to work closely with her patient to achieve their goals. She says: ‘I believe in having a conservative approach to all my treatment planning. With modern techniques and materials, this is now much more obtainable.’

She also offers facial aesthetic procedures, including anti-wrinkle injectables and dermal fillers.

(Photo credit – Hannah Blair Photography.)

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